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Miracle Secrets of Turmeric: 13 Proven Home Remedies Of Turmeric

13 Proven Home Remedies Of Turmeric

Miracle Secrets of Turmeric In today’s modern era, due to its special properties, medical medicine holds a special place in the modern world, whether it is external disease or internal.

The use of turmeric on the advice of the doctor, definitely gives the benefit of using it at the place.

Even the treatment of cold, cold, nausea, fatigue or mild fever, cough, mucus, related and all internal diseases of stomach and throat is also very easily treated by turmeric.

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13 Proven Home Remedies Of Turmeric

Home Remedies For

  1. Gingivitis
  2. Rickets
  3. Pneumonia
  4. Myalgia
  5. Eye diseases
  6. Cough
  7. Sinus
  8. Beauty Enhancement
  9. Sprain
  10. Gonorrhoea
  11. Delivery
  12. Blood Purification
  13. Injury

1. Home Remedy For Gingivitis

In case of swelling and irritation of the gums, take turmeric, salt and mustard oil in the area and then rub it lightly on the gums like a paste.

The saliva should be spilled, after ten minutes rinse with cold water should be taken.

Using it continuously for two-three days will be beneficial.

2. Home Remedy For Rickets

Soak turmeric in lime water for eight days, then take it out again and soak it in fresh lime water. 125 mg. Quantitative tablets should be made.

Feed this tablet to the child thrice a day. Due to this, bones become strong and baby will be cured from rickets.

3. Home Remedy For Pneumonia

Three grams of turmeric powder, four grams of white alum should be soaked in cow urine.

After that, take an earthen bowl and heat it in the fire,

after which the heated sikora should be kept in a wide-mouthed bowl.

After that pouring the above three mixtures in that sikora, some of the liquid will boil and come out of the sikora in the bowl.

Pneumonia and rib diseases are destroyed by filtering that excreted liquid and giving it to the child thrice a day.

4. Home Remedy For Myalgia

Sometimes, due to cold, sudden myalgia occurs in the ribs, in such a situation,

taking 1 gram haridra (turmeric), 500 milligrams of alum and 375 milligrams of sugar, crushing it, sifting it and using it with honey in the morning and evening cures myalgia.

5. Home Remedy For Eye Diseases

Grind turmeric finely and then put it in ghee and fry it.

Applying this roasted turmeric powder with cotton wool on the eyes and eyelids cures swelling of the eyes, redness of the eyes, watery eyes etc.

6. Home Remedy For cough

Turmeric should be roasted in sand. After making a powder, one gram of powder mix with honey and use it, it cures cough and tonsil diseases.

7. Home Remedy For Sinus

Turmeric, Camphor and Small Cardamom
After sifting everything by taking 10-10 grams each
125 to 250 mg. and deeply smell it in both nostrils

8. Home Remedy For beauty enhancement

Take 10-10 grams of turmeric powder, lentils, gram flour and soak all three things in coconut water overnight.

Grinding it in the morning and massaging it in the body at the time of bath enhances the beauty.

Acne, smallpox stains are also removed by this remedy, the face becomes beautiful.

9. Home Remedy For Sprain

Mix turmeric powder with 2 parts and 1 part water and heat it in a bowl, add a little salt to it and keep stirring with a spoon.

When the poultice becomes thick, take it off.

Apply this paste while heating a little on the sprained place.

After that tie the bandage with cotton. This paste should be applied twice a day.

Applying continuously for 2-3 days gives relief.

If the pain is more, then adding a little powder of red chilies while cooking gives quick relief.

10. Home Remedy For Gonorrhoea

After fasting a day before and after taking turmeric powder mixed with honey, gonorrhea gets cured in a few days.

At this time, the patient should reduce the use of pulses and use more green vegetables.

11. Home Remedy After Delivery

After delivery, taking turmeric powder with honey and sugar stops bleeding.

Along with this, the uterus becomes pure, strength increases and the mother stays away from diseases like tetanus etc.

12. Home Remedy For Blood Purification

Taking turmeric, sugar, and Manjistha regularly in the form of decoction both in the morning and evening regularly purify blood and improves skin tone.

13. Home Remedy For Any Injury

If any part of the body or bone has cracked due to injury, then it is beneficial to use turmeric powder with cow milk.

Along with this, giving more quantity of turmeric in the vegetable strengthens the bones.

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